Monday, February 23, 2009


Tonight Shelby has a basketball game. This is her power meal--peanut butter and honey with bananas.


Jacob at the Classic FC Spring Cup tournament.


My mom watching one of Jacob's soccer games.


Today was my boss' dad's funeral. After his services, the fire department was setting up the flag for a service. What an awesome site--our flag.


Jacob waiting to go to soccer. My son is growing up too fast.


Shelby and Rosco.


The kids love to wash the windows when you fill up with gas. Morghan--doing her job.


Today was the sneak peek for The Scrapping Spot. It is for March's kit. YUMMY!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This weekend was full of soccer. Both girls participated in the Classic FC Spring Cup while Jacob had a scrimmage. Here is Morghan playing with the Chaos team. This is not her regular team. They asked her to play with them because they were going to play up to the U-11 bracket which meant 2 more players on the field. Morghan had a nice time.


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Today, my girls made Mark and I some cute Valentine things.


Today was the day I went to go work for my mom. I got to clean out and re-arrange the resource room.


Morghan has out grown yet another pair of soccer shoes. These are her old ones.


I've decided that instead of just sitting at soccer practice that I would dig out my cross-stitch that I've started a LONG time ago. While it's light, I cross-stitch and then as the light goes away, I read. This is a part of a project for Shelby. It's a fairy butterfly. I'll keep you updated with the progress.


Today Jacob had weightlifting at the high school. On these days, I don't leave the school. This is a picture of Volcano Vista High School.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Morghan had a basketball game tonight. They ended up winning this game 20-15. The last time they played this team, they lost by 3.


This is from Sunday's game in Phoenix. The storm that was moving through Arizona hit us in the afternoon. We didn't get much rain or any snow in Albuquerque, but we did get a TON of wind. It was like a dust bowl out at the soccer complex.

This was some of the weather Mark drove through on his way home Sunday afternoon. I'm glad I didn't go. Jacob, Morghan and I had a nice weekend here.


Although these are pictures from the Arizona tournament Shelby was at, I was doing the same thing with Jacob here at home. But Jacob didn't get to play under the lights. It was very cold in Albuquerque this weekend.


I had to take Mark to the car rental place because he was taking Shelby to Phoenix for the weekend. She had a soccer tournament.


This is Marie. Another one of our cats.


I got a wonderful and fun package in the mail today. Julie, from The Scrapping Spot, was selling some things. So I bought the Thickers from her. YUMMY!!


This is the bible study I am doing for the month of February. The 3rd was the 2nd meeting for the study, but it is my first week for it since I was out of town for the 1st week.


My favorite, comfy slippers.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am NOT a football fan. But tonight's game was a really great game.
Yeah Steelers!!


Today was full of basketball and soccer games. We had a late lunch with Shelby's soccer team. So we decided to have a treat of ice cream later in the evening.


After a busy day of work, Mark fixed us a yummy dinner of breakfast.


After Grandmother's funeral, her church served food for the family. Her church was located in her town of Hagerman.


Quail outside Aunt Florence's back porch.


This is a picture from my Aunt Florence's porch. The farm across the road has some cows. I know if we had brought Rosco he would have loved those cows. Today was a busy day of funeral preparations for Grandmother. I'll miss you grandmother!


This morning I got a call from my mom saying that Grandmother was not doing well and that we should head down to Roswell. This is a picture outside of Encino. The kids and I couldn't figure out what the smoke was from. It didn't smell like a fire. Who knows what it was.


Today we had a birthday party for the girls. They got to go bowling with several of their friends. They sure enjoyed it!


I don't think I have a picture with just me and the girls. So Jacob got to practice his photography skills for our photo shoot.


Today was Morghan and Shelby's birthday. I took them to the mall to pick out their birthday presents. While there, we had a yummy preztel from Auntie Anne's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS! Love ya!


We are back into the grind of soccer practice. Today, all three had practice. Go Shelby!


Today was that ever-fun chore - laundry. Oh joy. NOT!