Wednesday, May 13, 2009

73-365 (March 14)

While in Las Cruces, we headed down south to El Paso to visit the outlet mall.

72-365 (March 13)

On our way to Las Cruces for a tournament. There is a town Arrey Derry.

71-365 (March 12)

For some reason, the picture got messed up. But this was a rainy day in Albuquerque today.

70-365 (March 11)

The girls got tired of Jacob always winning at Wii so they decide to stick a pair of shorts over his head.

69-365 (March 10)

Coloring the girls hair for Vegas. This is Morghan. She got purple and Shelby got bright pink.

68-365 (March 9)

Mark goofing outside.

67-365 (March 8)

Flowers from our yard.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

66-365 (March 7)

Morghan chillin' in the car on the way to a soccer game.

65-365 (March 6)

Shelby has out grown her orthodotics so we had to go visit the foot doctor. Well, she for sure needed new inserts. Plus he said that her growth plates hadn't closed yet. YIKES - she's in a men's 9.5 to 10.


In the front yard, feeding on some food Morghan set out was a quail.


While driving to Morghan's soccer practice, we ran across two semi's that were hauling some NASCAR cars.

62-365 (March 3)

One of the songs we listened to on our errands.

61- 365 (March 2)

Jacob and Shelby had ortho appointments today. This is one is Jacob.